Patient 2.0

‘Patient 2.0’,  also called the Smart Patient or the e-patient  is a patient who has decided that they want to be a partner in their care. They are active in using all the resources offered by the Internet to support this.

‘Doc Tom’ Ferguson, the founder of  discusses e-patients as being patients who are “Empowered, Engaged, Equipped and Enabled”.

A recent piece of research I undertook with a colleague identified  two further essential ‘E’s

  • Evaluating. This refers not only to the information e-patients find, but also to the source of that information, be it a web page, a peer, or a healthcare professional. We have found that this evaluation begins, and trust in sources is established, at an early stage.
  • Equal. The e-patient expects to be an equal member of the team responsible for their care

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